Is the reality of running a pet grooming business overwhelming?


Do you wish someone could tell you how to do it all?

Work smarter, not harder
with the Pet GROOMER© Business Programme

Does any of this sound familiar?

“I’m just a groomer, I’m not a business person.”

If your lack of personal belief in your abilities holding you back, you may have a SELF-LIMITING MINDSET.

“I’m no good with money”

If you need to reset your relationship with cash and get to grips with good money management in order to be more profitable, you may have a POOR MONEY PERSPECTIVE.

“I get so overwhelmed with everything there is to do with running a business,
I feel like I’m chasing my tail”

If you need better procedures in place so running your grooming business is systemised and organised, you may have a LACK OF EFFECTIVE BUSINESS SYSTEMS.

“I get so bogged down in the day to day I struggle to see the bigger picture”

If you can’t get perspective so that you can work on your business instead of just in it, you may have a LACK OF STRATEGY AND FOCUS ON GROWTH.

“I struggle to deal with criticism from customers and handling negative reviews.
I take it all very personally”

If you need to shift your perspective and instead focus on customer service so that any negative feedback is an opportunity to develop instead of a personal slight, you may need to CHANGE YOUR PERCEPTION OF CUSTOMER SERVICE.

“Keeping my diary filled is a constant struggle, I don’t know how other groomers do it”

If you you’re finding it difficult to reach new customers in order to get more dogs through the door, you may have a LACK OF MARKET ENGAGEMENT.

“I feel so isolated and like it’s me against the world”

If you need some cheerleaders in your corner to celebrate your wins and pick you up when things are hard then you may LACK AN EFFECTIVE SUPPORT NETWORK.

Luckily, there is an answer to all of these issues. Here. All in one place.

“Only gone and hit my highest ever week – £1,055! What would I have done if I hadn’t done this course? I’d still be winging it, underpaid and undervalued and hating my job. Thanks Bill.”

The Pet GROOMER© Business Programme

The Pet GROOMER© Business Programme takes proficient groomers to the next step in establishing or growing their pet grooming business. It’s group business coaching, designed specifically for pet groomers like you.

Whether you’re mobile, grooming at home, running a salon or planning on taking over the grooming world, the Pet Passion To Profit Pet GROOMER© Business Programme has the content, structure, support and guidance to get you and your business working smarter so you can make more money, be in control and get organised.

“I never thought I would be making this much progress in a short space of time, not to mention PROFIT, yes I’m now making profit… Not only is my business now on the up but I have made some great friends with people who were struggling just like me. My mindset has completely changed. I no longer have FEAR nor a FIXED MINDSET. Bill you have helped me save my business and I can’t thank you enough. Most importantly you have helped me to love my job again.”

– Jemma

Industry-specific coaching for pet groomers

Most generic business coaching programmes are designed to improve your business skills fine-tune your processes and deconstruct the barriers, real and imagined, that might be getting in the way of you achieving your business goals. That’s great. Except for one word: GENERIC.

If you’re reading this page right now it’s not because you’re looking for generic business coaching. Because your business is not generic. Nobody’s is. You need a business coach who understands your business. I’m Bill Betts and that coach is me.

With 16 years of experience in running a successful pet grooming business, I know what it takes to make a poor business good and a good business great. Because I’ve been there.

As an experienced business coach in this industry I’ve helped hundreds of people transform their businesses from the inside out and now I’m making my process available on a group coaching programme to reach more groomers than ever before and overhaul the pet grooming industry, one groomer at a time.

What does the Pet GROOMER© Business Programme deliver?

With lifetime accessibility online and with regular group coaching sessions, the GROOMER© Business Programme provides you with everything that you need to revitalise or realise your business ambitions, with support from experts in business, pricing, branding, social media and more.

     Loads of online training videos accessible on your laptop or on the go via your mobile phone on the Kajabi app across all aspects of a pet groomer business to ensure that you understand what makes a great business

      Weekly/monthly live masterclasses with me and other mentors where you can ask questions, get advice or simply listen in to enjoy the coaching gold on offer every week

        Input from respected industry experts to give you the best guidance and advice to improve the success and stability of your business, specifically for pet groomers

          Accountability scheme to keep you engaged and on track with peer support and an accountability coach to build your network and push your business forward at the same time

            Private Facebook group for coaching members only, with exclusive content, lively engagement and support from motivated coaching students, mentors and experts

              “I joined this course with ideas of how I could move my business forward, but was full of self-doubt and fear… This course has already helped me to make positive changes to my business because I’ve been able to make informed decisions. My mindset is improving and I’m no longer alone. I know Bill and his mentors are there to offer help, support and guidance whenever I need it. It’s great to have the support of other groomers in the group too… I’m learning more and more each day, gaining confidence and feeling really positive about how my business will grow. This is all thanks to the Pet Groomer Business Programme!”
              – Jodie

              What does GROOMER stand for?

              The GROOMER coaching programme model provides advice and guidance on every aspect of your pet grooming business. Check it out below


                Growth Mindset

                Many people in business are held back by their self-belief, or lack of! We will help you knock down the walls that may be stopping you and your business from growing right now, and help you to develop a growth mindset and the confidence that will help you and your business soar.


                Review of current position and set goals

                Where are you currently? An honest and no holds barred review of your business right now. By untangling the knots at this stage, you will be supported and guided in ways to address them.

                Where do you want to be? Through the setting of personal and business goals, we will help you and your business move forward in a way that is sustainable and growth-focused.


                Organised and systemised

                Is paperwork a chore? Diary running away with you? We’ll introduce you to great methods to improve your productivity and efficiency, both with business organisation and the actual grooms, which ultimately means increased consistency, greater returns and a healthy bottom line. With recommendations for useful software, easier appointment management, how to bundle services to earn the most money and how to introduce new, profitable services that your customers will love!


                Outstanding customer service

                We pride ourselves on our standards of customer service and outstanding care for the animals brought to us. By focusing on the needs of the animal first, you will establish a position of authority and trust to your customers. It might sometimes be tough but standing up for your values and doing what is right for the pet is always the most important thing. Think of those matted pets, young pups or geriatric animals. What is best for them? By learning how to have tricky conversations and covering yourself with the right paperwork you can create customers for life.



                This is often the scary bit, but it needn’t be. This module covers the practicalities such as good bookkeeping practices and when you need an accountant. You’ll also get tips on handling your money- think business bank accounts, taking payments and cash buffers (hint: the last one is extra important right now!). But maybe the most important element is pricing and understanding how to charge your worth. Do you want to earn a healthy living or always waiting for the next groom to get you by? You’ll learn how participating in a pricing race to the bottom benefits nobody (not even your competition!) and how charging fairly is not only okay, it is fundamental to a successful business.

                Engage your audience

                More than ever, social media and traditional media channels are an essential tool in the development of a growing business. It is no longer enough to rely on recommendations or passing trade. Getting your ideal customers to see and hear you is so important and we will show you how to use those tools and platforms that will boost your message, establish you as a trustworthy and reliable business and bring customers to you time and again. As an area that many people immediately greet with anxiety, feeling the fear and doing it anyway will set you apart from the competition and bring you front and centre of people’s attention if they are looking for grooming services in your area.



                Going it alone can be scary, so we’ll be there to cheerlead you as you take your first steps towards a bigger and better business, helping you out if you suffer a crisis of confidence or something goes wrong. This is where we watch the results roll in and we’ll be there to support you through any adjustments that might be required to keep you on track.

                Sound like something you want to get on board with?

                Why do I need coaching?

                 You’re an amazing groomer. Your clients are happy with your services, you work hard to make those dogs (cats/rabbits/something else furry) look perfect and you really care for the animals in your charge.

                Well done. That’s step one of running a successful pet grooming business. But only step one.

                If your business is taking more out of you than it’s providing, if it’s draining instead of energising, if it’s losing money instead of making it, then it’s time to take a look at how your business is being run. Because running a successful pet grooming business is more than simply being an amazing groomer.

                Unless you’ve been to business school, grown up in a thriving family business or had coaching or mentorship from successful business owners already, the chances are you don’t know the best way to run a business.

                Because honestly, how do you expect to know this stuff? Guess work? Intuition? Trial and error? Finding out the hard way? There is an easier route to business success.

                “The programme has ignited the excitement and drive I felt when I first started out 10 years ago. It has also inspired me to work smarter, not harder… Bill and the other mentors have made me see a better way, a more profitable way forward. I have already made changes that have seen more income, and more products being bought. I’m determined to develop and grow, and earn more money. I’m excited for the future and so grateful that I met Bill when I did and took the plunge to join the programme, I have no regrets.”


                Investing in yourself and your business

                By investing in yourself you are investing in the future success of your business. Choosing the Pet GROOMER© Business Programme, you’ll not only get actionable advice, reliable support and reassuring accountability, but it’s all for pet groomers. No other students allowed.

                You might tell yourself that you can’t afford coaching. That you’re barely making ends meet. And then moan about the fact that you can’t develop and grow your business like others seem able to.

                You may have the best grooming kit on the market. The latest model super-silent 10 second dryer. A smart uniform for your staff. All great investments in your business. But investing in something less tangible such as guidance, support and mentorship suddenly seems risky.

                It’s time to shift that mindset.

                The one single thing that successful entrepreneurs, CEO and business owners worldwide have in common is mentorship. Of investing in their own development with someone that knows more than they do. Someone that gave them the hard truths that protected them from costly mistakes. Someone who showed them what a successful business looks like from the inside and gave them the pathway to get there in their own business.

                The Pet GROOMER© Business Programme makes mentorship more accessible and affordable for pet groomers like you to nurture and grow their grooming businesses without the price tag of one-to-one mentorship.

                “I feel from the support I have in this group that I work for a large corporation again. That is, I have colleagues and friends who understand. Also people who totally have your back… Thanks Bill. I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I needed this.”


                Meet The Mentors

                Bill Betts – Business Mentor

                Back room administrator and long-time backbone of the family pet grooming company, Bill and his wife Emma sought business mentorship in 2020 which turned their grooming business around. Now he applies the tenets he learned in his training in order to help other people push their grooming businesses forward.

                Emma Betts – Grooming Mentor

                Emma is an experienced groomer and veterinary nurse with a 20 year career under her belt. She runs a team of groomers at the family grooming business and has been instrumental in applying the GROOMER training principles to the family grooming business. She’s on board to provide a professional perspective and the is the voice of lived experience!

                Louise James – Mindset Mentor

                Louise is a long-time groomer and life coach, applying her knowledge of both disciplines to propel you forward in believing in yourself, nurture a growth mindset to give you room to develop and improve.

                Lauren Simmonds – Branding Mentor

                Lauren teaches how to harness the power of great branding in order to target your ideal clients and showcase your values.

                Robin Waite – Pricing Mentor

                Robin’s experience in the marketing and agency world led him to developing Fearless Business, a coaching company designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners to reach their goals, create more time and increase their revenue. And now he’s available to help you do the same!

                Zoe Cairns – Social Media Mentor

                Zoe is a social media speaker, trainer and consultant and is often called upon by news agencies for a professional perspective on social media. Zoe helps big companies develop content strategies and social media campaigns and now her expertise is available to you to help you get the most out of social media.

                Ready to take the next step in transforming you and your business?

                You’ve read what’s on offer. You’ve had a glimpse into the incredible transformations that pet groomers like you are experiencing on the Pet GROOMER© Business Programme. You’ve discovered what the mentors can offer. Is it your turn now?

                It’s okay to feel cautious. It’s okay to not be sure.

                But is your curiosity niggling? You can’t help but wonder, right? What if this programme could jump start your business (existing or imagined) into something amazing?

                Simply have a chat with me by booking through the link below and we’ll have a talk about where you’re at. And I’ll let you know if I think this programme is right for you.

                That’s it! Not scary at all.