One To One Business Coaching


  • Just for groomers, our premium 6 month programme helps you break out of your business rut. Whether you’re burning out through working all hours, or struggling to fill your books, this programme WILL help you


  • With individual one to one coaching, we provide a truly bespoke course for each mentee we take on to give you the help exactly where, when and how you need it


  • You will receive structure, confidence and expertise with regular mentorship sessions over the phone or Zoom… or if you’re local to Kent then even in person!


  • With Bill Betts as your business buddy for the duration of the programme, you will benefit from in-depth inputs on business processes, finances, pricing, self-confidence, marketing and more


  • Accountability is an integral part of our mentorships, and it is vital that you are willing to give it 100% to ensure that you get maximum benefit from our time together – this is not a done for you programme! Instead we are right there alongside you as you take each brave step towards a more profitable, enjoyable and fulfilling business and you’ll learn how you can move your business forward with access to my network of experienced professionals
  • Similar programmes in other industries charge 10x the investment of our coaching, but our programme is aimed towards groomers and we understand that you’re probably looking at coaching in order to improve your earnings, rather than to spend every penny of it!


  • Spaces are strictly limited and our enrolment opens 3 months before each cycle which means that you have time to do the guided preparation necessary ahead of our active coaching


  • Our books open in October and March each year so if you want to get on the most sought after pet groomer mentorship in the UK make sure you get your name down!