Give me just 90 minutes and I’ll give you the skills to attract quality leads for your business through Instagram, without having to employ a social media manager to do the heavy lifting for you

(even if you don’t have a profile yet or any clue about social media!)

Introducing: Pet Passion To Profit Instagram Masterclass

You know what it can do?

With an estimated 30 million people in the UK on Instagram, its guaranteed to get eyeballs on YOUR business. So if you want to make the most of this free platform that can help generate loyal bands of followers it’s essential to understand it properly!

After completing the training you can (and WILL) super-hyper-turbo drive your followers and engagement on Instagram.  Just by following our simple posting framework, you can grow your online audience of raving fans and generate more customers in as little as 5 days – even if you don’t think you can master the socials in such a short time.

I’m Bill Betts

And I’m the Founder of Pet Passion To Profit, a business consultancy company all about helping pet professionals like you to get started, achieve growth and have the career and lifestyle you want.

Part of helping pet professionals to their feet and being truly successful is getting to grips with marketing. And you must have been living under a rock not to realise the huge impact that social media makes on people’s buying decisions these days.

It’s not just where you go to look at family photos and funny memes anymore.  The commercialisation of platforms and the wealth of information that companies such as Facebook and Instagram hold about us means that advertising and marketing can be laser-focused on your interests, wants and needs.  So why wouldn’t you use it to gain a business advantage? Hint: your competition is.

Is this training for you?

Heads up – this training course is not for everyone. Taking this simple 4 question micro-quiz will help you identify your readiness for this fantastic, down to earth and practical course. Ready?

True or false?

1 . You know the difference between IGTV, reels, lives, stories and posts on Insta and regularly use them all to great advantage for your business

2 . You’re a social media whizz-kid with more followers than Kim K

3 . You have more customers than you can cope with, beating down your door each day for grooms

4 . You’ve already grown your grooming business, you’re making an absolute mint and don’t need to make any more money, thanks

If you answered mostly TRUE, then it’s best we part ways now. Because The Pet Passion To Profit Instagram Masterclass is not for you.  But, if you answered mostly FALSE and you are a great groomer, but not so great at Instagram, and you want more of ideal clients through your door who are captivated by your posts, stories and reels, then you are in the right place at JUST the right time.

What do previous Masterclass graduates have to say?

When people are trying to get you to buy their stuff, what you need to look for is what their real life clients have had to say already. And it just so happens I have a ton of these! Real life client reviews captured through the course feedback process.

I could spend all day sharing these gems with you, but I will save you from that and just share a few.  So have a look below to see a selection of my feedback from the Pet Passion To Profit Instagram Masterclass…

“I thought I knew everything there was to know about Instagram for business. This course was informative, punchy, fun, and I came away with some brand-new tricks that will definitely add value to my business. It was very interactive in that you actually got to see how to perform the tasks and you could actually try out the new tools on Instagram whilst watching! It’s great that you get a copy of the recorded course so that you can share this with other people in your team at work and to ensure you don’t forget any of it! The task that is set at the end of the course is a great way of being able to try out the new tricks that you’ve learnt! This will definitely add value to my business and my team. The host was informative and fun so thank you very much.”

Lisa, M

“This course is fantastic for anyone starting out with Instagram. If you are looking to build an Instagram following especially for your business this gets you started and the challenge to post 5 pieces of content is excellent – it really encourages you to get started and put into practice the things you’ve learnt.”

Kate, A

“This course is great. It was delivered in a way that flowed and built on knowledge. It started at the most basic and built your knowledge quickly and easily. I would highly recommend this course if you feel like Instagram is an unknown, especially if you realise that you should use it in your business. I can’t wait to see the positive impact this new knowledge will have on my business.”

Emma, H

“I went into this course not knowing anything about Instagram and came away with the confidence to do something useful with it. Before the course we had 179 followers on our account and already less than a day later this is up to 275 following some of Bill’s advice… Thanks so much Bill”

Trevor, J

“I didn’t know anything about Instagram before doing this course. Which is a big problem as many of my potential customers use Instagram. Now I’ve done this course I feel confident, I can use Instagram but also I have a strategy for locating and engaging my potential customers! Thanks Bill!”


How much does it cost?

Bottom line time: this course is a snip at just £49.  That’s it!

Just £49 for your 90-minute accelerated journey to Instagram mastery.

○ Get customised training especially for pet professionals just like you

○ Get training delivered live, fully interactive and tailored to the needs of the students on the day

Get ideas on which hashtags to use to capture your particular target market

○ Get ongoing support and encouragement that comes from being part of an exclusive, small group of students

○ Get your shortcut to the extra clients (and extra cash) from Instagram’s untapped resource of thousands of your ideal customers looking for something to stop the thumb scroll.

That could be you!

Sure, there’s free Instagram training available out there. But it’s not designed for you. It’s designed to be as generic as possible in order to reach the widest audience. Which means that you won’t learn all of the pet professional Instragram specifics that you’ll learn on this training.

Oh, and it’s all designed so that they can sell to you at the end of it.

Free 60-minute webinar? More like free 10-minute webinar with a 50-minute sales pitch.

Can you really afford to waste your time and effort (and money as you won’t be earning while you’re doing all this) trying to make that generic training fit your needs?

For £49 you can avoid all that wasted time and effort and truly accelerate your results.

So, if you’re in the market for customised training for people just like you, where you don’t want to be subject to a sales pitch for most of the time the “training” runs for, and you appreciate the value of receiving the training live (as well as a recording of the session sent to you afterwards) then this training is for you.

At just £49 the training isn’t going to break the bank either.  The question now is, can you afford not to?

What are the alternatives to taking my Instagram Masterclass?

1 . Pay a social media manager at least £300 per month to cover your social media content for you

2 . Watch the free training available. That generic, sales-focused and non-interactive free training. Boring

3 . Wing it and do it yourself – potentially missing out on swathes of your target customers in the process

4 . Don’t use Instagram for your business. Thereby cutting out a huge portion of your audience who don’t pick up flyers in vets or garden centres, who don’t look at the small ads in the local newspapers, who don’t search Google for their needs, but who DO love looking at before and after photos of cute fluffy dogs on Instagram

And what’s more, this Instagram Masterclass is an allowable expense under business training according to HMRC, and you could make up the cost of it with a single client booking. A client found using the skills and tips you’ll learn on this course.

So for just £49 you get:

○ Customised training for pet professionals, delivered live

○ Small classes – the training is delivered to groups of 10 students at a time everyone can get involved

○ A copy of the recording sent to you afterwards so you can remember what you’ve learnt and share it with your colleagues

○ To be part of an exclusive 5-day posting challenge where your newly formed Instagram prowess can be put to the test! (It’s fun, don’t worry!)

So what do you think?

Do you want to make the best decision for your pet business and invest in customised training to help your marketing work harder for you, bring in new leads, new customers and more money?

If so, sign up today and be part of something awesome.