I have had a great week this week.

Been chatting to pet groomers all over the country about their businesses.

The biggest theme coming out of these conversations is :-

Loneliness in business.

There is a lot of fear around pricing.
A lack of confidence around dealing with customers and being the leader in those conversations.
A real lack of support from family and friends. That mainly because they don’t run businesses or they have no knowledge of the industry.
I can relate to all of these. I have all been there within our businesses. I remember thinking there must be a ceiling to what we can charge and how do we get over that.
Then we found mentorship.

The mentors unlocked our pet grooming business and our mindset. The support has been amazing and we still have mentors. I have a mentor, in fact several, who I speak to weekly. They give me ideas, they push me forwards and also pick me up when having a down day. They inspire me with their knowledge. I am part of their network which means I get to meet other inspiring business owners and connect with them.

I see opportunities now whereas before with our pet grooming business I saw barriers.
I asked members of my programme to reflect back a year to see what had changed. Again the answers were similar
No more fear.
Higher prices.
Boundaries set with clients.
No is a friend not an enemy.

If we look at our own pet grooming business, A-Z Animal Care. We have moved forwards.
We have continued to push our prices up.
We have employed a Vet to carry out vaccine clinics.
We have added £18,545 to our turnover when comparing June 21 – Sept 21 to June 22 – Sept 22.
It’s amazing what you can achieve with someone behind you helping, caring and nurturing you and empowering you to move forwards.