Have you heard of the Facebook Group Dog Grooming Business Help & Support?

Yes….? No……?

Well, this time last year you all would have said NO!

As the group didn’t exist, you would have been right! In just 12 months we have grown to over 5500 members. I must take this opportunity to say a massive ‘thank you’ to all of those who have joined us so far and made it the amazing group that it is.

So, what have we learnt in 2021? I hope if you have been following me and the group, we have learnt a bit about ourselves, our mindset, our businesses and all the potential the Dog Grooming industry has to give us.

We have certainly seen some groomers taking control of their businesses. They have learnt to charge more with confidence. The power of add-ons to their services such as teeth cleaning. They have realised the power of the word NO and started to understand why there can be a sense of overwhelm within the industry.

We have challenged the idea that going VAT registered is a disaster for your business and championed talking to people who have genuine experience of doing this. The help and advice they deliver is much more relevant and not just a ‘friend down the pub opinion.’

Lots of Groomers have become first time employers – eek! By pulling on their big brave pants, they have reached out and given someone the opportunity to become their apprentice. Not only have they taken on some help and support they have accessed some valuable grants for their businesses too.

The industry has also grown with the addition of the new Level 2 Dog Grooming Apprenticeship, iPet Cat Grooming qualification and the addition of many new training schools and online learning.

What’s to do in 2022?

Well, I would love it if you could spend the time over the Christmas break while you are relaxing to reflect on your business. Think about what you want from it? Are you making the money that you deserve?

A question was posed in my group in November asking, “Why don’t people want to spend more than £35 on a groom?” I turned this question back and asked……

“Who is your business attracting?”

I want you to look at your business from the outside. Maybe ask some friends and family too. Look at your Facebook page, Instagram account, Website, clothing and front of house. From a customer’s perspective, what message is your business delivering? Are you a £35 groomer of a £55 groomer? Let’s up our game, let’s get our branding together and go into the new year with our heads held high and a new love of our business.

If you are reading this shaking your head as you don’t have Facebook, Instagram, or a website then this is your new goal for 2022. I want you to promise me that you will sort this!

These are, in my opinion, non-negotiable platforms for your business along with Google My Business.

Keep pushing your almost there!


Bill Betts
Pet Passion To Profit.
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