One month after the launch of The Pet Groomer Business Programme.Ten Pet Groomers and business owners reached out and decided that they no longer wanted to do the same thing in their business and chose to make a change.

“I so cant wait to smash this. Bill you honestly are a life saver, I honestly was thinking of just giving up. I’m so glad I went for it and joined this course.” Jemma

They signed up to The Pet Groomer Business Programme and what a month it has been for them.

“The introduction felt really thorough and sparked excitement for the rest of the course.” Lauren

Members of the programme have been supported with weekly coaching calls from myself and found themselves supporting each other within the private Facebook community. They hoovered up the video lessons in the portal learning new terms like “profits come to the producer not the consumer” and implementing a new motto into their lives of “Get Shit Done!”

“So far you have given me such a boost, I really feel motivated to better my business and really keen to #GSD!!” Bianka

The members are now learning about mindset and will be taking part in their first masterclass all about Branding with our in house expert Lauren Simmonds. In this masterclass they will be learning about the use of colour in our businesses and type fonts. They will also be learning about putting together leaflets to advertise their business.

“Really looking forward to gaining knowledge from you all to push me out of my comfort zone and into the world of bigger and successful business” Bianka

This month the members have been allocated an accountability buddy, another member of the programme to stay in touch with during the month to help them get tasks done that they are working on within their business. This will help make sure progress is made as they start to grow.

“Looking forward to propelling our new joint business forward with even more of your help. It’s all been very over whelming for Bec & I but with Bill’s help over the last few months we’ve just about managed to keep our feet on the floor and focused on going forward.” Sam

The Portal

In the portal, that every member has access to, the Mindset module has gone live.

So many have joined and said similar comments to this group member,  ‘I joined this course with ideas of how I could move my business forward, but I was full of self doubt and fear.  I always overthink things and this has held my business back.  I end up not taking action through fear of the ‘what ifs’ so I’ve often had ideas I’ve not followed through with.’ 

Within the mindset module the members will be learning how to keep a positive mindset, remove fear from their business, understand how you build confidence and many other lessons. Our very own Mindset coach, Louise James, will also be starting the bi monthly mindset coaching calls to help the members get over any mindset hurdles. Even before they had access to this to this section of the portal, great strides have been made in this area.

‘This course has already helped me make positive changes to my business because I’ve been able to make informed decisions.  My mindset is improving and I’m no longer alone.’

The masterclasses don’t stop there either. Our pricing coach Robin Waite is hosting a special pricing break through masterclass in March too.

The group have already taken on board our thoughts on pricing and one said, ‘It has inspired me to work smarter not harder.  I’m always busy but my pricing was too cheap.  Bill and the other mentors have made me see a better way, a more profitable way forward.’  Isn’t that what we all want, don’t you?

This kind of support has never been in place for the pet grooming industry, so you no longer need muddle through your business. I am looking for people who want to take control of their business and move it forwards starting in April. If this is you then use the link below to book in a chat with me.

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