If you are in the UK and are following the news you will, no doubt, be feeling a little fearful around the news about the energy prices.

Now if you are hanging out in Pet Groomer Facebook groups, then you will start to see posts from people who are allowing FEAR to get the better of them.

This will only get worse over the next few months. The news is pumping out stories about how we are all going to be paying higher bills. Some are throwing in the towel and feel that they can’t keep up with the rises and believe that they can’t increase their prices enough.

I am not denying that energy prices are going up and that it will mean you pay more, and your customers may have less money. However, if you allow yours and other peoples fear to creep into your mindset it will put you into a downward spiral.

You will think negatively, you will shrink inside of yourself. You will become blinkered to what is going on in your business. You won’t want to face the figures as it causes too much anxiety. It may stop you from advertising and put you off putting your process up. This will then cause the business to spiral downwards.

So what do we do?

Well, we can’t do much about the energy prices these are completely out of our hands!

What we can do is start with our mindset. Let’s remove the negativity from our lives. This may involve skipping past those Facebook posts or even removing yourself from that group that is always negative. Is the content you are reading serving a purpose for you. Is it positive or does it just drag you down? This is the same with friends and family. When we reach out and talk about business do, we get positivity back or just negativity?

Why are we surrounding ourselves with negativity? It does not serve us!

Step One

Focus on positivity in your life and lose the negativity that is around you. Turn the news off, cancel the newspaper subscription and remove yourself from Facebook groups that don’t serve you.

Step Two

Get intimate with your figures. Stop guessing your expenses write them down. Track how much more money you are spending on energy. Relate this back to how many more dogs you need to do to make up for that or how much more you need to increase your prices.

TAKE CONTROL! Knowledge is power.

Step Three

Remove your limiting beliefs. Check your inner language and what you say. Remove phrases like “I can’t increase my prices they won’t pay it”. “They won’t pay that round here”. If you hear yourself saying this or you’re writing this on Facebook you are putting up barriers that are holding you back. You are second guessing your customers.

Emma and I have run a pet groomer through 2 recessions and a pandemic! You can do the same, but you need to change your mindset and lose the negative people around you.

If you are struggling to see through this and are frozen with fear, then please reach out and have a chat with me.   If you want extra support and want to push your business forwards, then speak to me about the programmes that I offer.

Book in a free chat using this booking link.

You don’t need to run your business alone the help is our there.


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