I have been listening to the news …………………. I really shouldn’t and my mentors will tell me off for listening to it but I do enjoy a little bit of World at One on Radio 4.

The news is so negative, and we can easily get ourselves into a negative spin and trigger anxiety in us. In fact, the members of my Business Programme have sat attended a special webinar all about anxiety and how to recognise and deal with it.

The speaker on this particular report I was listening to was a government figure talking about public sector pay. They were stated that public sector pay was NOT going to go up with inflation.

Now you may or may not know that I was a Police Officer. I left the Police in April 2021. At the time of leaving my pay, £42,000 a year was in the hands of the government. In real terms we had been losing money from our pay every year.

We would be awarded a 1% pay rise and my council put the council tax up by 3% …………. to pay for the police!

The article made me think about my friends who were still in the Police and Ambulance service and how they were about to go through a very hard time as they have no wriggle room.

As a business owner I am in control of what I can earn, and I have choices. You have control of your income.

What can you do?

First of all, you need to know and understand your income and your personal finances.

Every day in your business write down what you earn and reflect on it. How could you earn more? Was the day an easy day and you could have done more, or did you bust a gut and finished late? What need to change?

Then you need to reflect on your business in general. You need to ask yourself some questions.

Do your prices need to go up?

Are there additional services you can add to your business to increase your income?

Are you turning work away? Could it be time to take on an apprentice to help open up appointments?

Can you work an extra day if things get tough?

If you are a dog groomer can you look at cat grooming?

If you are a Vet Nurse could you add vaccination clinics? (je have Just done this and it’s really taking off)

If you have spare income start saving the money build savings in your personal and business life.

Listening to the news will fill you with fear. Take a step back and look at how you can tackle this time we are in and take control.

Our Pet Grooming business has been through two biggish recessions and a pandemic. As a business owner you can react to these issues.

Public sector workers have the same bills as all of us. They will be struggling to pay for fuel and electric, but they are being told help isn’t coming. There is no more money for them.

You can help yourself; you can make more money and you can ride this out. If you need additional help and support then get in touch. The Pet Groomer Business Programme will help you to earn more money, be more organised and grow your business.