The GROOMER coaching programme

When you join our coaching programme, you’ll work through our unique GROOMER model, designed for pet groomers just like you to secure and grow your business.


Growth Mindset

Many people in business are held back by their self-belief, or lack of! We will help you knock down the walls that may be stopping you and your business from growing right now, and help you to develop a growth mindset and the confidence that will help you and your business soar.


Review of current position and set goals


Where are you currently? An honest and no holds barred review of your business right now. By untangling the knots at this stage, you will be supported and guided in ways to address them.

• Where do you want to be? Through the setting of personal and business goals, we will help you and your business move forward in a way that is sustainable and growth-focused.


Organised and systemised

Is paperwork a chore? Diary running away with you? We’ll introduce you to great methods to improve your productivity and efficiency, both with business organisation and the actual grooms, which ultimately means increased consistency, greater returns and a healthy bottom line. With recommendations for useful software, easier appointment management, how to bundle services to earn the most money and how to introduce new, profitable services that your customers will love!


Oustanding customer service

We pride ourselves on our standards of customer service and outstanding care for the animals brought to us. By focusing on the needs of the animal first, you will establish a position of authority and trust to your customers. It might sometimes be tough but standing up for your values and doing what is right for the pet is always the most important thing. Think of those matted pets, young pups or geriatric animals. What is best for them? By learning how to have tricky conversations and covering yourself with the right paperwork you can create customers for life.



This is often the scary bit, but it needn’t be. This module covers the practicalities such as good bookkeeping practices and when you need an accountant. You’ll also get tips on handling your money- think business bank accounts, taking payments and cash buffers (hint: the last one is extra important right now!). But maybe the most important element is pricing and understanding how to charge your worth. Do you want to earn a healthy living or always waiting for the next groom to get you by? You’ll learn how participating in a pricing race to the bottom benefits nobody (not even your competition!) and how charging fairly is not only okay, it is fundamental to a successful business.

Engage your audience

More than ever, social media and traditional media channels are an essential tool in the development of a growing business. It is no longer enough to rely on recommendations or passing trade. Getting your ideal customers to see and hear you is so important and we will show you how to use those tools and platforms that will boost your message, establish you as a trustworthy and reliable business and bring customers to you time and again. As an area that many people immediately greet with anxiety, feeling the fear and doing it anyway will set you apart from the competition and bring you front and centre of people’s attention if they are looking for grooming services in your area.



Going it alone can be scary, so we’ll be there to cheerlead you as you take your first steps towards a bigger and better business, helping you out if you suffer a crisis of confidence or something goes wrong. This is where we watch the results roll in and we’ll be there to support you through any adjustments that might be required to keep you on track.