Do you want to establish firm foundations, grow your business and increase your confidence? This coaching programme for pet groomers is for you

About Us


We are Bill and Emma Betts, the founders of Pet Passion to Profit.  We are a husband and wife team and have been in the pet grooming industry since 2005.  From our grooming business in Kent, we have developed a loyal customer base and have since branched out into coaching, applying the sum of our experience and learning to help others achieve similar success with less stress.

And believe it or not, our story might sound similar to yours.


I am an avid animal lover, with five dogs, two cats, three guinea pigs, a clutch of chickens and a horse at home.  My background is as a Veterinary Nurse and I have extensive experience in animal care in a career spanning over 20 years. In 2005 I left veterinary practice to start our professional animal grooming business.

I started off as many do in this industry, as a mobile groomer. But I quickly acquired our business premises and now we are well-established in our local community and doing well, even under the current restrictions. I have also built a skilled and reliable team around me so that we provide our customers with the best possible services for their pets.

My role in Pet Passion to Profit is as subject matter expert and I frequently assist Bill in filling in the gaps that only a groomer would know about!


Not a groomer myself, I have had a different experience in the business to Emma. I have worked behind the scenes at our family pet grooming business for many years, and I have learnt the hard way how to make a successful business out of grooming other people’s pets.

I was disorganised, struggling with outdated computer systems and a restrictive mindset that had our prices stagnant and our profits slowly dwindling.  However, after obtaining expert guidance and mentorship ourselves, we were able to turn our business around.  By adjusting our thinking, lifting our vision and applying some business know-how we went from survival to success in a matter of months.

Since then I have been busy developing our business processes, dealing with tricky customers, establishing pricing strategies and increasing our profits without upsetting our existing customers.

Is this you?

  • You have the qualifications, the knowledge and the experience but you’re struggling to translate that into a successful business, or
  • You are just setting out in your pet grooming career and are looking for expert guidance and support, or
  • You’re getting bogged down in the day-to-day of working IN your business that you’ve not got time to work ON your business

Then read on!

Pet Passion to Profit can help you build a firm foundation for your business that will help you to

  • Discover your worth
  • Succeed in the industry
  • Enjoy your job
  • Expand without fear

Using our GROOMER programme, delivered over our training portal and regular Zoom calls, we can help you develop your business toolkit and increase your confidence so you can develop an enjoyable, healthy and sustainable business that will adapt and grow with you.

Maybe you started out in dog grooming as a hobby but now you want something more? We can help you turn it into a well-paid and rewarding career.

So if you’re lacking in confidence, looking for a supportive mentor or coach and want to build your business into something better but just don’t know how, we can help.

But don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our biggest cheerleaders – our customers!

After hearing about Bill Betts through Savvy I had a chat with him and decided to work with him for 6 months for an affordable monthly amount. He has changed me and my business!!

Within those 6 months I have had a refit of my shop, taken on an Apprentice, have more traffic coming through my door and have the confidence to think bigger and outside of my salon by now offering Puppy and older dog socialisation get togethers.

I am so excited for my business. At the time I met Bill I was burnt out, exhausted and couldn’t see a foot in-front of me, my confidence was low and I kept self doubting and second guessing myself the whole time! But with Bills knowledge and a LOT of patience with me I’ve had an absolute 360. Thanks so much to Bill for all your help you are an absolute gem!

The Natural Dog Grooming Company

Bill provided coaching and mentoring for me at a time when I was unsure where to go regarding my business. He was really intuitive and a great listener. He’s a genuine and all round good guy. Bill helped me focus on my finances and to develop a vision board, not only for me but for my husband. I am much clearer about my goals and next steps. I feel I’ve grown, even though I’ve have some difficult experiences and setbacks, Bill has supported me and provided signposting too. I totally recommend his coaching for other pet groomers, it is really worth it.

Isobel Ericson

Wow what can I say, I invested in Bill’s business mentorship and I can’t tell you how much its opened my mind to developing and growing my business. I been in the dog grooming industry a long time but I wanted to understand the business side of things. One because I wanted to grow my business but also wanting to offer my students as much knowledge as possible not just about the grooming but setting them on a good path to a successful business. I’m glad I invested in this course and highly recommend it. If you are not sure just have a chat with Bill 1st and then decide.
Thank you Bill for all your help and look forward to the next steps x

Golden Paws

Hey guys! I had a really inspiring discovery call with Bill on Friday afternoon. Talking all about the start up of my business, how to constructively choose a name, branding/logos, business bank account options, pricing and different ways of thinking about my business and options of making it work for me! I am thinking of going mobile/house calls at first so also some advice and different ideas around this too. Was such a great call! Felt really supported, motivated and got me thinking outside the box, and stop procrastinating 😂 Everything doesn’t need to be perfect, just need to start! I really appreciate the ideas and will be looking into what works for me and putting into action 😁 it’s so daunting when going into a completely new industry, plus not having my own business experience, this has definitely given me a place to start! Now to get on and decide on my name…😅 Thanks so much Bill Betts

Sam Copeman

Bill and Emma are incredibly knowledgeable about the dog grooming industry! I have been watching their content and love the recent interview they did with Robin Waite around increasing prices. I can’t wait to see all their expertise compiled into a course!

Adam Doyle

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